Ingredients Sourcing

The freshest ingredients yield the sweetest results. To provide you with the highest quality beverages, we take the time to choose business that align with our values, and source from local farmers whenever possible. 
All alcoholic drinks are fermented form sugar, but not all sugars are equal. That's why, to create the best product (for both you & the environment), we start with the most sustainable sugar source we can find — honey.
 Some of the local Beekeepers we work with are:

Alisha Taff, Rockfront Ranch, Los Padres National Forest (off the 166, inland from Santa Maria)

Honey Varieties: Wild Sage, Native Wildflower. 

Bill Williams, La Reina Honey, Gaviota, Ca. - beehives on Hollister & San Julian ranches. 

Honey Varieties: Wild Sage 

Blue Ridge Honey, Ventura, Ca.

Honey Varieties: Avocado blossom, clover, orange blossom.

Jeremy Rose, San Luis Obisbo, CA. 

Honey Varieties: Oak + Toyon blend



Most of our cider is fermented with local 100% organic apples grown at Cuyama Orchards in Santa Barbara County.  Although apples need freezing temperatures to flourish, the microclimate in Cuyama Valley is cold enough to grow several apple varieties. 


With all the natural fresh ingredients that go into Apiary mead, cider & kombucha, why not make beverages that are as good for your body as your mind.